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Simulating Ice Passage at Locks Using the Dynarice Model

Author(s): Lianwu Liu; Andrew M. Tuthill; Hung Tao Shen

Linked Author(s): Hung Tao Shen

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Abstract: The DynaRICE ice-hydraulic model was used to evaluate the ice passage at navigation locks. Numerical simulations paralleled physical model tests done at CRREL, which focused on important ice passage factors such as the design of culvert intakes and lock filling and emptying systems. This paper describes the DynaRICE ice passage tests and compares numerical model results to physical model observations. Additional simulations examined the effect of initial ice accumulation thickness and on ice movement in the lock chamber. The numerical and physical model results compared reasonably well, showing DynaRICE to be useful for assessing ice passage for new lock designs.


Year: 2002

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