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A Laboratory Study on Freezeup Ice Runs in River Channels

Author(s): L. Hammar; H. T. Shen; K. -U. Evers; T. Kolerski; Y. Yuan; L. Sobczak

Linked Author(s): Tomasz Kolerski, Yuan Yao, Hung Tao Shen

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Abstract: This paper reports the design of a laboratory flume and experiments on the formation of different types of freeze-up ice in channels. The flume was constructed in the Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt (HSVA) Environmental Basin. It was a recirculating racetrack type flume with a test section of 22 m long, 60 cm wide and 1m deep. Test runs with different flow depth, and air temperature were conducted. Flow velocity, or discharge, was varied over a range for each test run, such that different types of ice formations could be developed.


Year: 2002

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