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The Key Technologies of Intelligent Urban Drainage Management

Author(s): Xiaohui Lei; Yu Liu

Linked Author(s): Xiaohui Lei

Keywords: Urban waterlogging; Intelligent Drainage Management Platform; Eyes-Brain-Hands theory; Flood-control; Smart urban water management

Abstract: As all we know, China is still enjoying the fast development of urban areas, and has established ten clusters of cities, especially in the Southeast of China. However, many mega-cities are continuously suffering from the threats of extreme rainstorm events due to rapid urbanization and global climate change. In order to achieve the effective regulation of the urban drainage cycle, an Intelligent Drainage Management Platform (IDMP) has been developed based on EyesBrain-Hands theory. The Eyes part is composed of intelligent monitoring and novel monitors on the water-IoT (Internet of Things) platform as well as big data tech, which provides accurate data and achieve the comprehensive perception of weather and water variables. The Brain part of the system is the multi-coupled urban drainage operation model, through which the tendency of future water regime can be predicted and the intelligent emergency decision can be made in realtime. The Hands part is the unified command platform, on which various hydraulic structures including reservoirs, pumps and sluices can be remotely operated, and rescue forces and materials are efficiently coordinated and dispatched to give full play to flood control forces. The three sub-systems are linked together to form a complete closed-loop system, enhancing defences constantly to minimize the impact of disasters. Relevant technologies have been successfully applied in Fuzhou, providing great help to reduce urban waterlogging.


Year: 2021

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