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Improvement and Application of General Software for Water Resources Dispatching in Lijiang River Basin

Author(s): Jiahui Sun; Xin Wang; Xiaohui Lei; Chao Wang; Peibing Song

Linked Author(s): Xiaohui Lei, Xin Wang

Keywords: General software; Water resources scheduling; Medium and long-term inflow forecast

Abstract: In order to solve the contradiction between the spatial and temporal distribution of water resources in the Lijiang River Basin and realize the efficient use and management of water resources in the basin, this paper is based on the model management system in the general software for water resources dispatching issued by the National Water Resources Monitoring Capacity Building Project. Customized and secondary development, constructed an ecological irrigated optimal scheduling model for the Lijiang River Basin to meet the water resources dispatching needs of the Lijiang River Basin. Firstly, based on the historical long-running runoff data, three medium- and long-term runoff forecasting models are used to predict the water in the basin, and the weighted average method is used to establish the ensemble forecasting model to reduce the error. Secondly, considering the irrigation water demand of the reservoir and the ecological flow requirements of the downstream section, the model constraints and objective functions are determined. Finally, under the premise of determining the constraint and the objective function, the reservoir optimization scheduling calculation is carried out. The research shows that the optimal scheduling model based on general software can meet the needs of water resources scheduling, and can provide technical support for the preparation of the annual dispatch plan of the Lijiang River Basin.


Year: 2021

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