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Hydrodynamics of Daphnia Magna Horizontal Migration: Phototaxis and Predatory Cues

Author(s): Tatiana Maximo; Joana Luisa Pereira; Ana Margarida Ricardo; Rui Aleixo; Rui M. L. Ferreira

Linked Author(s): Ana Margarida Ricardo, Rui M.L. Ferreira, Rui Aleixo

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Abstract: Daphnids are amongst the most efficient grazer zooplankters. They serve as representative models in freshwater ecology, e. g. to study zooplankton migration patterns. Horizontal migration of daphnids is not well known, particularly in what concerns the relation with hydrodynamics. Addressing this research gap, we experimentally characterize the horizontal migration of Daphnia magna associated to positive phototaxis. A LED light source is installed at the end of the tank opposite to the half-tank where fifty individuals of D. magna were initially placed. The study tested two conditions: water with and without fish kairomones. It was observed that the horizontal movement of D. magna can be decomposed into advective and diffusive modes. Preliminary results show that horizontal positive phototaxis is reduced in the presence of fish kairomones.


Year: 2022

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