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Vegetation Effects on Natural Convection in Sloping Waterbodies Due to Solar Radiation

Author(s): Vassilios Papaioannou; Panagiotis Prinos

Linked Author(s): Panagiotis Prinos

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Abstract: In this work the vegetation effects on natural convection, due to incoming solar radiation, in sloping waterbodies is investigated numerically. The vegetation is present in the sloping part of the waterbody which consists of a sloping region (with slope equal to 0.1) and a deep region with a horizontal bottom. Numerical simulations, using the Volume Averaged Navier Stokes (VANS) equations together with the Volume Averaged Energy (VAE) equation, for Grasshof and Prandtl numbers equal to 2·106 and 7 respectively, are performed. The results indicate significant vegetation effects on the exchange flow and the large scale circulation which are the result of a different generation mechanism of natural convection. The intensity of the horizontal exchange for the non-vegetated lake is greater than that for the vegetated one while the circulation is clockwise for the non-vegetated case and anticlockwise for the vegetated one. Numerical results (temperature, velocities, streamlines and discharge) are compared qualitatively with results of Mao et al. (2009).


Year: 2022

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