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Plunge Pool Scour with 3D Protection Structures

Author(s): S. Pagliara; D. Roy; M. Palermo

Linked Author(s): Stefano Pagliara

Keywords: Hydraulics; 3D Plunge pool; Scour; 3D structures; Spillways

Abstract: Plunge pool scour has been an important research topic for many years because of its wellknown destructive action at the base of a hydraulic structure. High velocity water jet originating from a trajectory spillway crates a massive scour at the base of the hydraulic structure and it is important to foresee the effect of its damaging action in order to protect the structure. Many studies were conducted on the plunge pool scour with and without protection structures. Two dimensional structures i. e. vertical plates of different permeabilities were used in the previous studies. The current study aimed to investigate the behaviour of 3D plunge pool scour in presence of 3D structures under different hydraulic conditions. An experimental setup was prepared at the hydraulic laboratory of University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy where water was delivered using a circular pipe to a stilling basin comprising of a uniform granular material. Various geometrical parameters of the scour hole were investigated and relationships were proposed to predict them. A qualitative assessment of scour shapes was also proposed.


Year: 2011

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