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Analysis of Scour Characteristics in Presence of Aerated Crossing Jets

Author(s): S. Pagliara; M. Palermo; D. Roy

Linked Author(s): Stefano Pagliara

Keywords: Ir content; Crossing jets; Hydraulic structures; Morphology

Abstract: The scour due to jets is a major topic for a hydraulic engineer. It has to be carefully analyzed in order to understand the mechanism and predict its geometry. The jets configuration has a deep influence on the scour features. In the present paper the analysis was conducted in presence of two symmetric crossing jets, varying the discharge, the air content, the tailwater level in the downstream stilling basin, the horizontal angle between the jets and the vertical distance of the jets crossing point from the water surface, for different vertical jets angle. It was proven that the presence of the air in the jets deeply affects the scour morphology. The scour depths were analyzed and some useful considerations on scour geometry were developed which are valid in the tested ranges of parameters.


Year: 2011

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