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Applicability of New Generation System for Solitary Wave Boundary Layer

Author(s): Bambang Winarta; Hitoshi Tanaka; Hiroto Yamaji

Linked Author(s): Hitoshi Tanaka

Keywords: Solitary wave; Boundary layer; Sediment motion; Generation system; BSL k-ωmodel

Abstract: A new generation system was developed to investigate bottom boundary layer and sediment motion under solitary wave. It was conducted in closed conduit water tunnel using a mechanical system to generate an oscillatory motion similar to solitary wave. This experimental facility is proficient and efficient to measure continuously the oscillatory motion to replace solitary wave motion with a tranquil period between two oscillatory motions. Moreover experimental study of sediment motion also can be made easily by using this generation system. The velocities were measured by using a laser doppler veloci-meter (LDV) at 17 points in vertical direction. Furthermore, complementary numerical simulation has been performed using the BSL k-ω model to validate vertical velocity distribution, free stream velocity and also bottom shear stress. It is concluded that the present experimental case shows good agreement with computation results.


Year: 2011

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