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Field Measurement and Numerical Studies on the Tsunami Propagation into Upstream of Rivers

Author(s): Hitoshi Tanaka; Nguyen Xuan Tinh; Nguyen Xuan Dao

Linked Author(s): Nguyen Xuan Dao, Hitoshi Tanaka

Keywords: 2010 Chilean tsunami; River upstream; Tsunami disaster; River morphology; Tohoku region

Abstract: A serious Chilean Earthquake, rating magnitude of 8.8, occurred on February 27,2010 causing a large tsunami wave in the Pacific Ocean after that. The tsunami height was recorded about 1m as it reached the Tohoku District of Japan and further propagated into the upstream of rivers in this area. The main objectives of this study are to investigate the tsunami wave propagation at different river morphologies based on a range of details measurement data sets from 25 rivers. The analyzed results have been shown that the tsunami wave can be affected up to about 33km upstream of river and the measured tsunami arrival time inside the river is almost similar to the tsunami travel time calculated by using the linear wave theory. Numerical simulation was conducted by solving the shallow water equation. The numerical results have been showing a good comparison with the measured data.


Year: 2011

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