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Input-Output Modelling of Tidal Renewable Energy

Author(s): Eva Fenrich; Reza Ahmadian; Bettina Bockelmann-Evans; Walter Marx; Roger A. Falconer

Linked Author(s): Eva Fenrich, Reza Ahmadian, Roger Falconer, Bettina Bockelmann-Evans

Keywords: Tidal Energy; Integrated Economic Ecological Model; Input-Output Model; Severn Estuary

Abstract: Tidal renewable energy schemes have a variety of economic and ecological effects. It is therefore necessary to use models that can integrate these effects and sometimes conflicting requirements. An input-output model has been applied to the Severn Barrage, one of the proposed tidal barrages on the Severn Estuary. While this project could produce around 17 TWH per annum of carbon free electricity which is around 5% of the UK electricity demand, diverse impacts on habitats as well as different users of the estuary have to be taken into account. First an input-output graph was set up to define linkages between different sectors of the project. From this a quantitative input-output model was derived. Economic and ecological requirements were specified as output demands of the system and a set of needed monetary and natural resources inputs was calculated. With these results feasible construction and management scenarios can be selected.


Year: 2011

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