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Semi-theoretical approach for energy dissipation estimation at hydraulic jumps in rough sloped channels

Author(s): Michele Palermo; Stefano Pagliara

Linked Author(s): Michele Palermo, Stefano Pagliara

Keywords: Bed roughness; energy dissipation; hydraulic jumps; hydraulic models; hydraulic resistance

Abstract: Hydraulic jumps cause significant flow energy dissipation and generally occur in association with hydraulic structures. Nevertheless, the dissipative mechanisms occurring with this hydraulic phenomenon still require investigation. There are no systematic studies analysing the hydraulic jump energy dissipation for a large range of hydraulic and geometric conditions. To the authors’ knowledge, no studies provide a complete and exhaustive analysis of the dissipative mechanism for rough sloped channels. This study proposes a novel semi-theoretical and general approach to estimate energy dissipation at hydraulic jumps in rough sloped rectangular channels, involving a large range of both hydraulic conditions and bed configurations. Two relationships were derived and their predictive capability has been tested with approximately 500 experimental data points from different studies.


Year: 2018

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