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A numerical model for sediment transport and bed change with river ice

Author(s): Ian M. Knack; Hung Tao Shen

Linked Author(s): Ian Knack, Hung Tao Shen

Keywords: Bed load; bed roughness; bed changes; ice covered rivers; numerical modelling; sediment transport; suspended sediments; two-dimensional models

Abstract: Sediment transport and river morphology in cold regions can be significantly influenced by the presence of ice in winter. This paper presents a two-dimensional numerical model on sediment transport coupled with a river ice model. The sediment transport and bed change model is based on recently developed sediment transport formulations under the effect of ice cover. Incorporating changing surface ice dynamics allows the interaction of ice and sediment to be fully realized. Numerical examples are presented that illustrate surface ice effects on sediment transport and bed changes in alluvial channels. These examples include the effects of surface ice runs on sediment transport, sediment transport and bed change in the vicinity of an ice cover front, effect of ice cover breakup, and the interaction of ice jam formation with bed change. Simulation results showed the importance of considering ice effects when studying sediment and channel morphological processes in alluvial rivers.


Year: 2018

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