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Experimental and Numerical Study of Non-Buoyant Surface Jet

Author(s): A. Gharavi; A. Mohammadian; I. Nistor; H. M. Qiblawey

Linked Author(s): Ioan Nistor

Keywords: Jet mixing; Particle image velocimetry (PIV); Large eddy simulations (LES); Non-buoyant jet

Abstract: Mixing of discharging jet into water body is an important field of study for hydraulic scientists and engineers because of the physics of the mixing phenomenon. In this paper, mixing of jets in water bodies is studied numerically and experimentally. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is used to measure the time-history of the velocity distribution in front of a discharging nozzle. Additionally, numerical simulations are performed to compare the computational results with the experimentally-measured data - the comparison indicates good agreement. The concentration distribution is extracted from numerical results while the experimental PIV measurements show a half Gaussian distribution for surface discharge with a maximum velocity at the water surface.


Year: 2016

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