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Inundation Damage in Urban Area Affected by Pump Operation

Author(s): Kenji Kawaike; Hajime Nakagawa; Shoko Fujita; Seungsoo Lee

Linked Author(s): Kenji Kawaike, Hajime Nakagawa

Keywords: Urban inundation; Sewerage system; Pump failure

Abstract: A severe inundation disaster occurred in the Ogurisu area of Kyoto, on September 16,2013. As a result of an accident, the pumping station stopped operating for 4 h, leading to severe inundation of the surrounding area to a depth of more than 2 m. In this study, the effects of that pump failure on the inundation disaster were evaluated through numerical simulation. From the results of the simulation and comparing them to those of a simulation of normal pump operation, we found that the pump failure had a significant influence on the Ogurisu area. Finally, we present the results of a simulation assuming the complete failure of the pump during a rainfall event, which produces much more severe inundation damage. We also propose a preparatory hazard map for inundation disasters involving torrential rainfall combined with complete pump failure.


Year: 2016

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