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Consideration for the Impact of Topography and Human Activities on Nutrient Deposition Caused by Inundation in the Mekong River Basin

Author(s): Satoshi Kawamorita; Ayako Amano; So Kazama

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

Keywords: Fertilization; Formatting; Unit load; 2D non-uniform flow model

Abstract: Previous studies introduced fertilization effects by flood inundation. In this study, in order to obtain the detail nutrient deposit distribution in the village scale, during the Mekong river flood period, mass distribution of nutrient sedimentation in 2.97km square area of central Takeo, Cambodia, was calculated using a numerical model combined flood calculation and SS deposit calculation. The 2-dimensional unsteady flow model is used for inundation calculation, and sedimentation velocity is given by the Rubey’s equation. Human activities are considered by which nutrient deposit distribution is also calculated and compared to the one without human activities. As results, the amount of nutrient sedimentation depends on the distance from the origin of human activities rather than topography. Average phosphate phosphorus sedimentation per unit area without human activities is half of that of paddy’s demand. When the human activities are added, it is as 150 times as big as the one without human activities and is as 80 times as big as paddy’s demand.


Year: 2014

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