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Study on Hydrodynamics of Nha Trang Bay by Using FVCOM Model

Author(s): Nguyen Viet Duc; Nguyen Trung Viet; Nguyen Chien; Duong Hai Thuan; Dinh Van Uu; Hitoshi Tanaka

Linked Author(s): Hitoshi Tanaka, Trung Viet Nguyen

Keywords: S: hydrodynamics model; NhaT rang; FVCOM

Abstract: Nha Trang Bay plays a particularly important role in the economics development of Nha Trang city, where is also the center of politics, economics, and culture of Khanh Hoa province. It is, therefore, an ideal study case for the conflicts between economic development and coastal environmentalprotection. For the simulation of the water quality and the impacts of sedimentation processes on beach, it is necessary to create a hydrodynamics model for the study area. In this study, an unstructured grid, finite volume community ocean model (FVCOM) was used to develop a 3-D hydrodynamics model for Nha Trang Bay. The model was calibrated using the continuous water elevations and currents observed at two AWAC, and two COMAPACT during first field trip in 2013 (from 23 to 30 May 2013), whichrepresents for calm season with main wind direction is SW, and the maximum of wave’s height of around 0.2 m. The model was validated using the data obtained during second field trip from 3 to 10 December 2012, which represents for strong wind season withmain direction is NE, and the maximum of wave’s height of around 1.6 m. Good agreements were found both in water elevations and current ellipses. The model has been shown to predict a reasonable circulation flow patterns for Nha Trang Bay. The coupling between the proposed model and sedimentation transport model for the simulation of beach evolution is ongoing.


Year: 2014

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