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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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ID Title Authors Year
10129 A Study on Fine Sediment Transport in Tone River Estuary
Tadaharu Ishikawaa; Kazuhiko Matsunobub
10130 A Novel Approach, Using Regional Climate Model, to Derive Present and Future IDF Curves for Data Scarce Sites
San Chuin Liew; Shie-Yui Liong; Srivatsan V. Raghavan
10131 Spatial and Seasonal Variation of Water Quality in Upper Bagmati River Basin Using Statistical Analysis
Dhundi Raj Pathak
10132 Large-Eddy Simulation of Particle-Laden Buoyant Jet
P. Liu; K. M. Lam
10133 Disaster Information System for Landslides and Debris Flow Based on Precipitation Radar
Toshiyuki Moriyama; Shinobu Izumi; Suguru Murakami; Kyotaro Kon; Hisao Nakayama; Isao Komatsu; Muneo Hirano
10134 Behavior of Wood-Sediment-Water Mixture Flows at Open Check Dam
Farouk Maricara; Haruyuki Hashimotoa; Shinya Ikematsua; Tomohiro Miyoshia; Hiroyuki Nagano
10135 Numerical Simulation of the Debris Flow Event at Ishihara District in Hofu City, Japan on July 21,2009
Hiroyuki Nagano; Haruyuki Hashimoto; Kesayoshi Hadano; Farouk Maricar
10136 Effect of Particle-Size Distributions on Debris Flow Deposition in a Rectangular Channel
Joongcheol Paik; Youngil Kim
10137 Analyzing Long-Term Trends in Groundwater Level and Temperature Related to Climate Change in South Korea
Seong Jang; Se-Yeong Hamm; Jae-Yeol Cheong; Gyoo-Bum Kim; Seong-Ho Song
10138 Experimental Study on Validation of Discharge Coefficient Between the Ground Surface and Sewerage System
Seungsoo Lee; Hajime Nakagawa; Kenji Kawaike; Hao Zhang

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