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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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ID Title Authors Year
10595 Common Model for Environmentlly and Sustainable Development of South-East European Sea Ports
Jordan Marinski; Dimitar Marinov; Tatiana Branca; Matilda Mali; Tania Floqi; Leonardo Damiani
10596 Estimation of the Turbulent Features of Flow in Vertical Slot Fishway: Improvements on Fishway Design Criteria
D. Calluaud; G. Pineau; A. Texier; L. David
10597 Improving the Representation of Fine Sediment Impacts on Salmon Spawning Habitat in Numerical Models
Pattison. I; Sear. Da; Collins. Al; Jones. Ji; Naden Ps
10598 Modelling Quantified Source Specific Microbial Pollution from Human Sources During High Flows
Aisling Corkery; John O'Sullivan; Louise Deering; Katalin Demeter; Elisenda Balleste; Bat Masterson; Wim Meijer; Gregory O'Hare
10599 Large-Eddy Simulation of the Flow Around a Wall-Mounted Circular Cylinder
Wolfgang Schanderl; Michael Manhart
10600 Water and Energy Nexus Towards Water Smart Grids: Hydropower and Irrigation Solutions
Avin Dadfar; Helena M. Ramos
10601 An Improved Two-Layer Shallow Water Model for the Simulation of Gravity Currents Moving on Both Flat and up-Sloping Beds
Claudia Adduce; Valentina Lombardi; Giampiero Sciortino; Michele La Rocca; Mario Morganti
10602 Assessing Fishway Attraction Flows Using an Ethohydraulic Approach
Ianina Kopecki; Eff A. Tuhtan; Matthias Schneider; Johannes Ortlepp; Stefan Thonhauser; Martin Schletterer
10603 Management Proposal for an Intermittently Closed Coastal Lagoon Using a Wave-Driven Seawater Pump and a Volume–Salinity Box Model
S. P. R. Czitrom; I. Penie; G. De La Lanza
10604 Stream Diurnal Profiles of Dissolved Oxygen-Case Studies
Rajwa A. ; Rowinski P. M. ; Bialik R. J. ; Karpinski M.

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