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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10605 Assessing Environmental Flow Through Monthly Duration Curves
Elena Carcano; Daniele Bocchiola
10606 Longitudinal Development of Compound Channel Flows
Joao Nuno Fernandes; Joao Bento Leal; Antonio Heleno Cardoso
10607 Predicting Bacteria Movement in Rivers-a Computational Tool Based on Physical Experiments on the Fate and Transport of Bacteria
Kordula Schwarzwalder; Minh Duc Bui; Peter Rutschmann
10608 Hydropower Dams in the Lower Zambezi River: Water Quality Simulation of Boroma and Lupata Reservoirs
P. A. Diogo; A. C. Rodrigues; P. Colaco; A. Alves
10609 The Importance of Mulching on Soil and Water Dynamics: Laboratory Experiments Under Simulated Rainfall
J. R. C. B. Abrantes; A. A. A. Montenegro; V. P. Silva Junior; J. L. M. P. De Lima
10610 Constructing a Correlation Between Flow Resistance of Circular Corrugated Pipes and Geometric Parameters Using CFD Methods
Saeed Vazifehkhah; Kenan Kaya; Aliihsan Koca; Zafer Gemici
10611 Bi-Stable Flow Fields and Two-Way Couplings Between Flow and Sedimentation in Shallow Reservoirs
Benjamin Dewals; Yann Peltier; Michel Pirotton; Pierre Archambeau; Sebastien Erpicum
10612 Hydraulic Aspects of a Field Experiment on the Influence of Temperature Increase on a Manipulated Stream Ecosystem
J. L. M. P. De Lima; C. Canhoto
10613 Angled Trashracks with Streamwise Bars
S. Raynal; L. Chatellier; D. Courret; M. Larinier; L. David
10614 Assessing the Importance of the Initial Topography for Large Scale Tests of Beach Profile Response Under Erosive or Accretive Conditions
M. De La Torre; M. I. Vousdoukas; S. Schimmels; H. Fernandez; T. Kirupakaramoorthy

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