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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10645 Hybridisation of a Wave Propagation Model (SWASH) and a Meshfree Particle Method (SPH) for Real Applications
J. M. Dominguez; T. Suzuki; C. Altomare; A. J. Crespo; M. Gomez-Gesteira
10646 Stability of Small Breakwaters Roundheads Armoured with Single-Layer Cubipod Units
J. Sande; E. Pena; E. Macineira; L. Priegue; M. E. Gomez-Martin
10647 Review of Hydraulic Performance Studies on Detached Breakwaters
F. Taveira-Pinto; D. Vicinanza; V. Penchev; V. Ferrante; R. Silva
10648 Longshore Transport at Shingle Beaches
Felice D'Alessandro; Giuseppe Roberto Tomasicchio
10649 Definition of Sines Port Wave Regime Using an Artmap Artificial Neural Network with Fuzzy Logic
F. L. Santos; D. R. C. B. Neves; M. T. Reis; C. J. E. M. Fortes; P. Poseiro; A. D. Lotufo; G. F. Maciel
10650 Numerical Modeling of the Erosion Phenomena on Nice Shoreface Using Telemac System
Remi Dumasdelage; Olivier Delestre; Didier Clamond; Arnaud Bonnin; Michael Moretti; Patrick Ceruti; Philippe Gourbesville
10651 Numerical Modelling of Wind Waves on a River Flood Plain
Antoine Joly; Elodie Gagnaire-Renou; Michel Benoit; Damien Violeau
10652 A Side-Hinged Planar Wavemaker
Wojciech Sulisz; Aneta Dargacz
10653 Port Breakwater Development in Spain. the Last Fifteenth Years
Ramon Gutierrez-Serret; Grassa Jose M. ; Juan I. Grau
10654 Full-Scale Wave Overtopping Resiliency Tests of Grass Established on Sandy Soils
Christopher I. Thornton; Steven A. Hughes; Jeffrey S. Beasley

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