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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama)

ID Title Authors Year
3324 Numerical Simulation of the Water Temperature Distribution in a Tropical Large, Deep Reservoir on the Lancang River
Shibo Guo, Dejun Zhu, Yongcan Chen
3325 Groundwater Can Tell Us Seasonal and Spatial Variation of Seismic Activity in South Korea
Suk-Hwan Jang, Kyoung Doo Oh, Jae-Kyoung Lee, Junwon Jo
3326 Effects of Water Depth and Ice Thickness on Ice Cover Blasting for Ice Jam Flood Prevention
Xinlei Guo, Tao Wang, Fu Hui, Kai-Lin Yang, Jiazhen Li, Ma Lei
3327 Large-Scale Field Tests on Impulse Waves
Lukas Schmocker
3328 Vertical Slot Fishway Simulated with PCFLOW2D and Dualsphysics V4.2 Models
Gorazd Novak, Dusan Zagar, Matjaz Cetina, Martin Bombac
3329 Simulation of Hydraulic Structures in 2D High-Resolution Urban Flood Modeling
Yunsong Cui, Qiuhua Liang
3330 CFD Modelling of Cavitation in Hollow Jet Dispersive Valves
Tulio C. Lourenco Xavier, Rafael S. Morassi, Jayme P. Ortiz
3331 Hydraulic Design of Gabions on Longitudinal Works with the Software Macra Studio
Paula Tayná De Lima
3332 Design and Analysis of Hed Direct Action Type and Boosting Type Lifting Mechanism Base on Ansys
Yehan Geng
3333 Water Security Assessment Based on the Concept of Blue and Green Water Footprints: A Case Study for the Han River Basin on the Korean Peninsula
Kyung Soo Jun

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