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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)


The papers included in this volume were part of the 38th IAHR World Congress cited on the cover and title page. Papers were selected and subjected to review by the Editor and the International Scientific Committee and followed a revision process with the following steps: First, several of the committees involved in the organization of the congress established a set of technical criteria for the Committee in charge of the revision. Submitted papers were sent to one or two experts in the field. Authors were then asked to include the necessary amendments and follow the reviewers' comments, and their work was reviewed until the final version was approved by the Editor. In addition to the technical criteria, IAHR publications follow the Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct provided by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE). A Publication Ethics and a Publication Malpractice statement are publicly available throughout the entire review process.

ID Title Authors Year
3382 Typical Biological Behavior of Migration and Flow Pattern Creating for Fish Schooling
Ruidong An
3638 Research on the Influence of Reservoir Water-Sediment Regulation on the Lower River Channel
Yanjie Liang, Qiushi Luo, Jian Fu, Cuixia Chen
3894 Application of an Optimization Model for the Water Management Under Climate Scenarios of the Lagunillas Integral System of the Peruvian Altiplano
Isidro A. Pilares-Hualpa, Roberto Alfaro
3383 Experimental Studies on Stability of Levee with New Eco-Friendly Materials
Joongu Kang
3639 Geochemical Characteristics and Influence to Overlying Water of Nitrogen in the Sediments from Cascade Reservoirs of the Lancang River
Yuan Bo
3895 Hydrological and Sediment Yield Dynamics in Response to Land Use and Climate Variations
Yuyang Wu
3384 A Novel Experimental Technique for the Planar Breach Outflow of an Overtopped Sand Embankment Using 2DV-PTV
AMANJ RAHMAN, Ioan Nistor, Julio-Angel Infante
3640 Three-Dimensional Variability of Suspended Load Transport in Rivers and Its Ecological Implications in Terms of Reservoir Flushing and Controlled Reservoir Drawdown
Michael Tritthart, Christoph Hauer, marlene haimann, Helmut Habersack
3896 A System Dynamics Model to Explore the Water-Land-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus in Latvia
Janez Sušnik
3385 Fluvial Dike Breaching Induced by Overtopping: Lessons from Experimental and Numerical Studies
Ismail Rifai, Kamal El Kadi Abderrezzak, Damien Violeau, Willi H. Hager, Sebastien Erpicum, pierre archambeau, Michel Pirotton, Willi H. Hager

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