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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)


The papers included in this volume were part of the 38th IAHR World Congress cited on the cover and title page. Papers were selected and subjected to review by the Editor and the International Scientific Committee and followed a revision process with the following steps: First, several of the committees involved in the organization of the congress established a set of technical criteria for the Committee in charge of the revision. Submitted papers were sent to one or two experts in the field. Authors were then asked to include the necessary amendments and follow the reviewers' comments, and their work was reviewed until the final version was approved by the Editor. In addition to the technical criteria, IAHR publications follow the Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct provided by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE). A Publication Ethics and a Publication Malpractice statement are publicly available throughout the entire review process.

ID Title Authors Year
3900 Modeling Biofilms Development with Sediment Erosion and Deposition Processes in the Yangtze River
Haojie Lai
3389 Sensitivity Analysis to the Pilot Channel Geometry in Dam Breach by Overtopping
Teresa Alvarez, Solange Valente, Silvia Amaral, Maria Teresa Viseu, Teresa Alvarez, Rui M. L. Ferreira
3645 Large Eddy Simulations of Flows over a Submerged Weir
Chaewoong Ban, Sung-Uk Choi
3901 Bed-Load Diversion with a Vortex Tube System
Ismail Albayrak
3390 Modelling the Flood Wave and the Potential Reduction of Expected Life Losses for Bento Rodrigues Village Due to the Failure of Fundão Tailings Dam (Brazil)
Ana Clara Matos, Julian Eleutério
3646 The Numerical Study of Open Channel Junctions with Extreme Confluence Angles for Surface Flow Without Wall Roughness
Ahmed Bilal, Qiancheng Xie
3902 Coherent Structures During Particle Entrainment
Johannes Schobesberger, Petr Lichtneger, Dominik Worf, Christoph Hauer, Helmut Habersack, Christine Sindelar
3391 Estimates of Breach Effluent Flow from the Failure by Overtopping of Homogeneous Earthfill Dams Based on Non-Local Measurments
Silvia Amaral, Maria Teresa Viseu, Rui M. L. Ferreira
3647 Approach to the Void Fraction Distribution Within a Hydraulic Jump in a Typified USBR II Stilling Basin
Juan Francisco Macián-Pérez, Boris Huber
3903 Estimation of Aeolian Sand into the Yellow River from Desert Aggrading River in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River
jun Lu, Cuihua An, Quishi Luo, Moxi Wu

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