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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama, 2019)


The papers included in this volume were part of the 38th IAHR World Congress cited on the cover and title page. Papers were selected and subjected to review by the Editor and the International Scientific Committee and followed a revision process with the following steps: First, several of the committees involved in the organization of the congress established a set of technical criteria for the Committee in charge of the revision. Submitted papers were sent to one or two experts in the field. Authors were then asked to include the necessary amendments and follow the reviewers' comments, and their work was reviewed until the final version was approved by the Editor. In addition to the technical criteria, IAHR publications follow the Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct provided by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE). A Publication Ethics and a Publication Malpractice statement are publicly available throughout the entire review process.

ID Title Authors Year
3294 The Continental Delta of the Arauca River in Colombia and It’s Distributive Drainage System
Raquel Duque, Juan Manuel Moreno-Murillo, Jaime Ivan Ordoñez
3295 Control of Flooding in the Lower Part of the Piura River
Eduardo Zegarra
3296 Contribution of Streambank Erosion to Total Phosphorus Loads in Iowa Agricultural Watersheds
Keith Schilling, Calvin F. Wolter, Jason A. Palmer, Matthew Streeter, Anthony Seeman
3297 Evaluation of Methods of Calculation of Concentration Times and Peak Flow in Hydrographic Basins: Case of Rio Pacora
José R. Fábrega
3298 Morphological Changes in Stretches of the São Francisco River Due to Uncontrolled Agricultural Expansion in Its Watershed
Wilson Junior Gerardo, Fernando Roversi, Mário Grüne Souza E Silva
3299 Optical Sensors and Machine Learning for Optimised Cyanobacteria Bloom Management
Benny Rousso, Edoardo Bertone, Rodney Stewart, David Hamilton, Sara Smith
3300 Study and Application of Techniques for Remediation of Areas Contamined by Petroleum Hydrocarbonets
Edgar Manuel Miranda Samudio, Alexandre Jose de Oliveira Filho, Fabio Francisco Mazzocca Dourado, Edgar Manuel Miranda Samudio, Anelito Ordonho Floriano
3301 Dispersion Coefficients of Contaminant Transport Model for River Mixing Analysis
Il Won Seo, Jaehyun SHIN, Joo Young Bang
3302 Analysis of Analysis of Behavior of Contaminants at the Braided River Using the Transient Storage Model
Se Hun Yun, Il Won Seo, Si Yoon Kwon
3303 The Use of Alternative Material for the Substitution of Active Charcoal as a Remediator of Contaminating Substances
Carolina Doricci Guilherme, Rafael Augusto Valentim Da Cruz Magdalena, André Augusto Gutierres Fernandes Beati

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