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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7856 High Resolution 3D Model of Desalination Brine Spreading: Test Cases and Field Case El-Gouna, Egypt
M. Shehata; M. Mahgoub; R. Hinkelmann
7857 Interest of Spatially Distributed Data to Evaluate the Object-Oriented Pumma Model in the Semi-Rural Mercier Catchment (Yzeron Basin, France)
Musji Fuamba; Flora Branger; Isabelle Braud; Pedro Sanzana Cuevas; Benoit Sarrazin; Sonja Jankowfsky
7858 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Velocities in Plunge Pools of Free Falling Spillways
Luis G. Castillo; José M. Carrillo
7859 Effective Void Ratio and Rack Length Definition by Experimental Measurements of Flow with Gravel Size Sediment Through Bottom Racks
Luis G. Castillo; Juan T. García; José M. Carrillo
7860 Numerical Simulation of Borad-Crested Weir Flow Using a Mesh-Free Method
Tibing Xu; Yee-Chung Jin
7861 Iowa Watershed Project: Coupled Surface-Subsurface Hydrologic Modeling to Assess Distributed Flood Mitigation Practices
Nicholas Thomas; Larry Weber; Keith Schilling
7862 Estimate Aggregate Size of Armor Layer in Alluvial Rivers Using Image Processing
Milad Payesteh; Babak Lashkar-Ara
7863 Mathematical Modelling of Bed Shear Stress and Depth Averaged Velocity for Emergent Vegetation on Floodplain in Compound Channel
Shiono; K; Rameshwaran; P
7864 Drag Forces of Submerged Shrubs and Trees in Open-Channel Flows
Edgar Ferreira; Sho Yonekura; Robert Giles; Koji Shiono; Jim Chandler; Rene Wackrow; Taizuke Ishigaki
7865 Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentration in the Water of Stormwater Constructed Wetland to Freshwater Phytoplankton Distribution (10 Years Establishment): Case Study in Universiti Sains Malaysia
Syafiq Shaharuddin; Chun Kiat Chang; Nor Azazi Zakaria; And Aminuddin Ab Ghani

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