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Proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress (Hague, 2015)

ID Title Authors Year
7866 Effect of Aquatic Plants on Water Qualities in Small Closed Waters
Kunihiko Hamagami; Chihayu Murakami
7867 Moving Boundary Method Based on Refined Coupled Model for Surface Water and Groundwater Flow
Yuanyi Li; Dekui Yuan
7868 An Integrated Methodological Approach for the Upgrading of Coastal Structures Due to Climate Change Effects
Theoharris Koftis; Panayotis Prinos; Panayota Galiatsatou; Theofanis Karambas
7869 Reynolds Stress Modelling of Open Channel Flow with Suspended Vegetation
Theoharris Koftis; Panayotis Prinos
7870 Combined Effect of Anthropogenic and Natural Sources on Nile Delta Coast Erosion
Maysra Eltahan; Bhaa Elsharnouby; Akram Soliman; Mohamed Elnaggar
7871 Numerical Simulation of Thermally Driven Exchange Flow Between Open Water and Aquatic Canopies
Maria Tsakiri; Panayotis Prinos
7872 Evaluation of Pumping Test Data Using Analytical and Numerical Methods
Serdar Korkmaz; Gökçen Türkkan Eryilmaz
7873 Motion Response of Immerged Tunnel Element with Mooring Lines Under Irregular Wave Actions
Can Yang; Yongxue Wang; Weiguang Zuo; Bing Ren
7874 Multiple Event Analysis of Fine Sediment Pollutant Transport Through a Sustainable Urban Drainage System
Deonie Allen; Scott Arthur; Heather Haynes; Valerie Olive
7875 A Study to Surface Visualization of 3-D Flow
Kang Suhai; Liu Hong

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