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Proceedings of the 31st IAHR World Congress (Seoul, 2005)

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ID Title Authors Year
16442 Hydraulic Sensitivity of Baffleed Modules Distributers
Aliasghar Montazar; Salah Kouchakzadeh; Mohammad H. Omid
16443 A Link Between a Web Based Hydrological Yearbook and Online Data
Bocquee Francois; Fenogli Olivier
16444 Rowas: A Rules-Driven Object-Oriented Simulation Model for Water Resources System
Jinjun You; Hong Gan; Lin Wang
16445 Verification of a Dynamic Stream Water Quality Model
Bernhard Becker; Henning Schonlau; Daniel Bachmann; Jurgen Kongeter
16446 Split-Sample Testing of Classical and Adaptive Time Step Storage Cell Codes for Flood Modelling
Neil M. Hunter; Paul D. Bates; Matthew S. Horritt
16447 Surface Water Groundwater Interaction Simulation Using AEM and Parameter Estimation Using Ga
H. M. Patel; T. I. Eldho; A. K. Rastogi
16448 Computer Modelling Dispersion Plume of Tebar-Petrobras Submarine Outfall
Ricardo Fortis; Jayme Pinto Ortiz; Claudia Conde Lamparelli; Regis Nieto
16449 Design and Construction of an Experimental Channel of Hydraulics for High Froude Numbers
Manuel Montenegro Fragoso
16450 Reliability Analysis of Hydrological Time Series Using Neural Networks Model 2. Uncertainty Analysis of Input Data Information
Sungwon Kim
16451 An Experimental Study on Axial Flow Pump Operated as a Turbine Model with Draft Tube
Gerardo L. Augusto; Koji Kikuyama; Laurence A. Gan Lim; Yutaka Hasegawa; Martin Ernesto L. Kalaw

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