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Proceedings of the 31st IAHR World Congress (Seoul, 2005)

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ID Title Authors Year
16482 Experimental Study for Interception Efficiency of Street Drainage Grate Inlet
Seieui Yoon; Jongtae Lee; Jae Yook Jung; Joonho Lee
16483 Analysis of Nps Considering Rainfall Factors in the Jungrang Stream Basin
Jong-Tae Lee; Young-Min Park; Tae-Hwa Kim
16484 Assessment of Flood Flow Conveyance for an Urban Stream Using Xp-SWMM
Hong Jun Bum; Kim Hyung Sik; Hyung Ha Seoh; Kim Hung Soo
16485 Hydraulic and Morphological Characteristics of the Lower Mekong River
Naoki Miyazawa; Kengo Sunada; Pech Sokhem; Satoru Oishi; Dian Sisinggih
16486 The Classification on the Mixing Types of Salinity Intrusion in the Tidal Estuary
Masamitsu Arita; Akihiro Hashimoto
16487 Urban Lakes' Roles in Ecosystem and Landscape Building in Beijing City
Peng-Jie Gao; Lianxiang Wang
16488 Stream Stracture Downstream a Dam
E. N. Dolgopolova
16489 Energy Dissipation by Flow Characteristics of Nappe and Skimming Flow
Jin-Hong Kim; Kyung-Sub Kim
16490 Variation of Turbulence Intensities In/Around Emergent Vegetation Zones
Sevket Cokgor; Serhat Kucukali
16491 A Sustainable Solution for the Stabilization Ofnavigational Channels in Floodplain Environment
Md. Munsurrahman; Hajime Nakagawa; Anisul Haque; Tarekulislam; Taisuke Ishigaki

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