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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24702 Catchment Water Yield Estimation Tools (CWYET)
J. Vaze; J. M. Perraud; J. Teng; F. H. S. Chiew; B. Wang; Z. Yang
24703 Understanding the Flow Pathways Through the Macquarie Marshes
T. N. Morrison; S. Rayburg; C. Allery; M. D. Atiquzzaman
24704 Coupled 2D Modelling of Tangjiashan Landslide Dam Breach
Wei Huang; Zhiyuan Yue; Zhixian Cao; Gareth Pender
24705 Effects of Entrained Air Manner on Cavitation Damage
Wu Jianhua; Luo Chao
24706 Analysis of Extreme Hydrological Events in Major River Basins in Japan Under Climate Change
Y. Sato; T. Kojiri; Y. Michihiro; Y. Suzuki; E. Nakakita
24707 Extreme Rainfall Events in the Sources of the Yangtzi and the Yellow Rivers
Rong Yanshu; Wei Lusi; Bai Luyao
24708 Application of Visual AEM for Dewatering and Seepage Impact Assessments
L. D. Luba; J. R. Craig; C. A. Russell; T. D. Graham
24709 Flood Modelling at Brisbane Airport
T. D. Graham; U. Baeumer
24710 Modeling and Simulations of Flow Pattern and Chlorine Distribution in a Potable Water Service Reservoir of Singapore
J. M. Zhang; H. P. Lee; B. C. Khoo; C. P. Teo; N. Haja; K. Q. Peng
24711 Space-Time Image Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Flash Flood Caused by Torrential Rain in Urbanized Area
I. Fujita; Y. Kunita

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