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Proceedings of the 34th IAHR World Congress (Brisbane, 2011)

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24642 Influence of Surf-Beat on Beach Morphology and Sediment Transport
T. E. Baldock; J. A. Alsina; I. Caceres; P. Manoonvoravong; Kim Son Pham
24643 Inverse Estimation of Bed Roughness Coefficients of Open-Channel by Using Shallow-Water Adjoint Model
K. Yoshida; T. Ishikawa
24644 An Experimental Study of Flow Depth and Energy Losses on Stepped Spillway of 45 Degree of Slope
Nadjadji Anwar; Edijatno; Very Dermawan
24645 A 2D Shallow Water Simulation Model of Flow Near Bridges
H. Ratia; J. Murillo; P. Garcia-Navarro
24646 Post Earthquake Water Infrastructure Assessment in Leogane Haiti: A First Step Towards a Sustainable Solution
M. Piasecki; P. Gurian; F. Montalto; M. Sheller; T. Ayalew; H. Galada; S. O’Connor
24647 Suspended Sediments Due to Random Waves
D. Myrhaug; M. C. Ong; L. E. Holmedal
24648 Turbulence Measurements in the Garonne River Tidal Bore: First Observations
B. Simon; P. Lubin; D. Reungoat; H. Chanson
24649 Groundwater Balance for a Partially, Highly Urbanized Basin, Through an Integrated Surface-Groundwater Approach
A. N. Menendez; N. B. Badano; F. Re
24650 Use of Evolutionary Computing for Predicting Sediment Transport of Malaysian Rivers
Nadiatul A. Abdul Ghani; Mohamed A. Shahin; Hamid R. Nikraz
24651 Evaluation of Vortex-Suppressing Devices Installed in Intake Channel of Hydropower Facility Using LES
N. Hisasue; A. Nakayama

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