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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25303 A Study on Calculation of Expected Annual Damage Considering Uncertainties of Discharge-Exceedance Probabilities
W. S. Nam; J. H. Heo
25304 The Response of Heat and Water Balance Components of Dry Area to Variation in Atmospheric Precipitation
A. V. Babkin
25305 Precipitation Trends in the Aegean Region
T. Partal; E. Kahya; D. Seker; S. Kabdasli
25306 The Influences of Large-Scale Atmospheric Oscillations on Turkish Precipitations
M. C. Karabork; E. Kahya; M. Karaca
25307 Designer's Concerns on the Effect of Rainfall Distribution on Dam and Diversion Works Sizing
E. I. Daniil; L. S. Lazaridis
25308 Operation of a Reservoirs System Through Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Systems
G. Giuliano; A. Cancelliere; G. Rossi
25309 Determination of the Optimum Conservation Storage of the Multipurpose Reservoirs
O. Potic
25310 A Large-Scale Water Supply Model for the Upper Danube Basin
D. Nickel; R. Barthel; C. Schmid; J. Braun
25311 Planning Water Resources Management in Small Islands. Typical Cases from South Aegean, Greece
E. Kechagias; K. Tselepidou; K. L. Katsifarakis
25312 Ways of Improving the Water Resources of Developments, on Site Retention and Water Restriction Devices South Australia Through the Use of New
F. Lepore; Y. Prouzos

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