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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25233 Time Scale of the Longshore Current Development in the Nearshore Zone
M. Kitou; I. Katopodi; B. A. O'Connor
25234 Pollutant Transport Acted by Wave in Near-Shore Area of MILD Slope Beach
J. Tao; T. Sun
25235 Boussinesq Modelling of the Alongshore Sediment Transport
V. Karambas Th; E. V. Koutandos; E. K. Karathanassi
25236 Breaking Wave Hydrodynamics Through a Fully Nonlinear Boussinesq-Type Model
R. E. Musumeci; I. A. Svendsen; J. Veeramony; E. Foti
25237 Hybrid Finite Element Method for Wave Transformation Analysis
T. H. Jung; W. S. Park; K. D. Suh
25238 Numerical Simulation of Ship-Generated Waves and Ocean Swells in a Harbour
D. H. Zhang; T. L. Yip; A. T. Chwang
25239 Comparison of Directional Wave Analysis Methods on Laboratory Data
L. Martinelli; B. Zanuttigh; A. Lamberti
25240 Using Artificial Neural Network to Calculate Propagation Speed of Tidal Bore
L. Yingdi; Z. Wei
25241 3D Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics Around Low Crested Structures
B. Zanuttigh; M. Guerrero; A. Lamberti
25242 An Experimental Study on the Interaction Between the Reef Breakwater, the Sandy Bed and the Wave Field
L. G. Bierawski; S. Maeno

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