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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25263 Morphological Change at the Natori River Mouth Caused by Reduction of Tidal Compartment
K. Watanabe; H. Tanaka; T. Tsukiyama
25264 Overtopping of Coastal Structures by Random Waves
C. Memos; E. Pavlidis
25265 Wave Overtopping Estimation Based on Offshore Observation
T. Hiraishi; K. Hirayama; T. Yasuda; T. Miyahara; D. Atsumi
25266 Comparison of Numerical Schemes Concerning the Advection-Diffusion Equation
K. Angelidis; H. Mpimpas
25267 The Third-Order Accurate Polynomial Method for the Convective Terms Approximation
P. Tkalich
25268 MLM-Based Extreme Value Analysis Model for Censored Sample and Its Applicability
M. Yamaguchi; Y. Hatada; H. Nonaka
25269 Coherent Flow Structures in Gaps Within Meadows of Posidonia Oceanica
A. M. Folkard; A. Maltese; G. Lombardo; G. Ciraolo; G. La Loggia
25270 Influence of Islands and Their 3-D Geometry on the Bifurcation of Eddies
C. Adduce; C. Cenedese
25271 An Experimental Study on Resistance Properties of an Asymmetrical Bottom Roughness in Oscillatory Flows
H. Oshikawa; T. Komatsu; T. Shibata
25272 Testing an Integral Model for Simulation of Thermal Discharges
A. Etemadshahidi; A. H. Azimi

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