Challenges in Transient Flows - 1st IAHR Online Forum

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Population growth, climate change, deterioration of natural resources and the aging of manmade water structures are as many challenges – almost emergencies – to be faced by hydro-environmentalist and, in general, by society. Furthermore, higher efficiency and flexibility is required to water operators to match current and future trends users’ demands. Describe and design hydraulic structures from a dynamic perspective have become therefore a primary need for engineers and practitioners. Hence, not only traditional steady state analyses but also understanding the transient response of the hydraulic systems is to be considered in the engineering codes and standards involving free-surface and pressurized water flows. Such a feature originates a strong impulse to research focused on the analysis of unsteady-state phenomena, with the aim of guarantying the effectiveness of the systems and their performance in terms of the quantity and quality of water transport and infrastructure security.

This session aims to educate and raise awareness about the importance of transient flows, willing to facilitate the sharing of information among water engineers coming from different regions, industries and background, including developed and developing countries, and students, young and senior professionals.

Challenges in Transient Flows

10:00 UTC/GMT

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