Stochastic Hydraulics '96: Proceedings of the 7th IAHR international symposium, Mackay, Queensland, Australia, 29-31 July 1996

ISBN: 9789054108177

I.C.Xu Goulter, K.S. Tickle, S. Wasimi

The growing pressure on the world's water resources coupled with the increasing vulnerability of society to the impacts of extreme events, has resulted in a need to consider explicitly the stochastic processes which underly the environment in which water resources & hydraulic infrastructure is constructed. The effective and practical integration of the theory and application of hydraulics with probabilistic analysis is one of the most challenging tasks facing researchers and practioners working in design, operation, and management of water resources infrastructure under these conditions. This symposium reports on the latest developments in stochastic hydraulics across a wide range of

Energy Dissipators: IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 9

ISBN: 9789054101987

W.H. Hager, D.L. Vischer

Energy dissipators are an important element of hydraulic structures as transition between the highly explosive high velocity flow and the sensitive tailwater. This volume examines energy dissipators mainly in connection with dam structures and provides a review of design methods. It includes topics such as hydraulic jump, stilling basins, ski jumps and plunge pools. It also introduces a general account of various methods of dissipation, as well as the governing flow mechanisms.

Flow-induced Vibrations: an Engineering Guide: IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 7

ISBN: 9789054101314

Eduard Naudascher, Donald Rockwell

Designed for engineers, this work considers flow-induced vibrations. It covers topics such as body oscillators; fluid loading and response of body oscillators; fluid oscillators; vibrations due to extraneously-induced excitation; and vibrations due to instability-induced excitation.

Water Quality and its Control: IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 5

ISBN: 9789054101239

Mikio Hino

Describes both physical and biological processes of pollution in aquatic environments. This text introduces theories and means of predicting the scale of environmental pollution and counter-measures. It also describes optimal allocation methods of facilities for sewage treatment.

Hyperconcentrated Flow

ISBN: 9789054101666

Zhaohui Wan, Zhaoyin Wang

Considers hyperconcentrated flow, a phenomenon peculiar to the Yellow River Basin. The feasibility of using the potential for sediment carrying by hyperconcentrated flow can also be applied to topics such as hypertransport, debris flow and sediment releases from reservoirs.

Discharge Characteristics: IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 8

ISBN: 9789054101802

D.S. Miller

This manual provides the procedures and data necessary to calculate discharges over and through hydraulic structures. Contents: Introduction; Discharge measurement structures; Discharge relationships and component head losses for hydraulic structures; Headlosses in closed conduit systems flowing full; Analysis of flow conditions and hydraulic design for river diversion in closed conduits; Flow through and over rockfill structures

Transport and Reactive Processes in Aquifers: Proceedings of the international symposium, Zürich, 11-15 April 1994

ISBN: 9789054103684

Th. Dracos, F. Stauffer

Published for the International Association of Hydraulic Research (IAHR), this text covers transport and reactive processes in aquifers. Topics include laboratory & field investigations; Field experiments & parameter estimation in heterogenous formatios; Modeling transport in heterogeneous media; Modeling transport & physico-chemical processes; Modeling transport & reactive processes; Multiphase flow; Aquifer remediation; Poster presentations.

Turbulence in Open Channel Flows

ISBN: 9789054101185

Hiroji Nakagawa, Iehisa Nezu

A review of open channel turbulence, focusing especially on certain features stemming from the presence of the free surface and the bed of a river. Part one presents the statistical theory of turbulence; Part two addresses the coherent structures in open-channel flows and boundary layers.

Sedimentation: Exclusion and Removal of Sediment from Diverted Water

ISBN: 9789054101321

Arved J. Raudkivi

This monograph provides the practising engineer with a concise overview of the methods of water diversion and exclusion or removal of sediment from the diverted water. The emphasis is on flow features and the associated conveyance of sediments.

Turbulence Models and Their Application in Hydraulics

ISBN: 9789054101505

Wolfgang Rodi

This book provides an introduction to the subject of turbulence modelling in a form easy to understand for anybody with a basic background in fluid mechanics, and it summarizes the present state of the art. Individual models are described and examined for the merits and demerits which range from the simple Prandtl mixing length theory to complex second order closure schemes.

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