Scouring: Hydraulic Structures Design Manual Series, Vol. 2

ISBN: 9789061919834

H.N.C. Breusers, A.J. Raudkivi

Information and technical data concerning scouring/erosion caused by water fl in rivers and streams. More specifically, how certain structures exaggerate this natural process by restricting water flow, causing constriction and loc scour. Material presented is from both field studies and laboratories

Hydrodynamic Forces: IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 3

ISBN: 9789061919933

Eduard Naudascher

Produced for the International Association for Hydraulic Research, this monograph covers fluctuating and mean hydrodynamic forces, hydrodynamic forces on high-head gates, and hydrodynamic forces on low-head gates i.e. only the forces induced by flow incident or past the structure.

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