Highlights: IAHR Young Professionals Webinar Series | The Hydropower Sector: Research, Policy and Sustainable Opportunities

 IAHR Young Professionals Webinar Series | The Hydropower Sector: Research, Policy and Sustainable Opportunities

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The webinar, organized as part of the IAHR Young Professionals Webinar Series, brought together experts and professionals in the field of hydropower to discuss crucial topics and challenges. The event was expertly coordinated by Francisco Pinto, who ensured its success and highlighted its importance in the current landscape of hydropower. 


Emanuele Quaranta, the first speaker, delved into the complexities of hydropower and the need for a comprehensive understanding of its interactions with various systems. He emphasized the importance of different scales of hydropower, including large and small hydro, while cautioning against misconceptions. Emanuele also highlighted the development of tools such as the G-res tool and the Hydropower Sustainability Standard. 

Debbie Gray, in her presentation, stressed the urgent need to double hydropower capacity by 2050 to meet climate goals. Gray underscored the significance of sustainable hydropower and called for adherence to international best practices defined by the Hydropower Sustainability Standard. She also addressed the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs, emphasizing the importance of site-specific evaluations. 

Anton Schleiss shed light on the multidimensional aspects of large water infrastructure projects, emphasizing the need for multi-purpose designs and multidisciplinary teams to ensure wide acceptance and positive outcomes. The role of multipurpose reservoirs in mitigating climate change effects and providing flood protection and water resources were highlighted. 

Daniel Valero emphasized the importance of clear and effective communication to ensure the technical feasibility and social acceptance of hydropower projects. Open dialogue and transparent discussions were advocated as key to addressing challenging topics and presenting information accurately.

The event was skilfully moderated by experienced professionals, Daniel Valero and Anton Schleiss. Their expertise facilitated engaging discussions and a dynamic Q&A session, which further enriched the webinar by addressing key questions and concerns raised by the audience. Overall, the webinar provided a platform for experts to share their insights, fostering a collaborative environment among young professionals and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices in the field of hydropower. The high registration and active participation underscored the significance of the topic, reflecting the growing interest in hydropower and the need to address its challenges effectively.


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