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Analytical Equations for Depth and Boundary-Layer Development on Stepped Channels 2023
Physical Meaning of the Length of Classical Hydraulic Jumps in a Horizontal Rectangular Channel 2022
B-Jump in Abruptly Expanding Channel 2015
Characteristics of Air Entrainment in Hydraulic Jumps 2015
Effect of Inflow Condition on Air Entrainment Characteristics in Hydraulic Jump 2009
Similitude and scale effects of air entrainment in hydraulic jumps 2009
Characteristics of Aerated Flows in Skimming, Transition, and Nappe Flows 2007
Effect of Aerated Inflows on Characteristics of Plunging Flows in Steep Sloping Channels 2007
An experimental investigation of jet flow on a stepped chute 2006
Effect of Reynolds Number on Characteristics of Skimming Flows in Stepped Channels 2005
Energy Head of Aerated Flows in Stepped Channels 2005
A Proposed Fishway to Facilitate the Upstream and Downstream Migration of Freshwater Shrimps and Crabs 2001
Energy Dissipation of Skimming Flows on Stepped-Channel Chutes 2001
Hydraulic condition for undular-jump formations 2001
Flow Resistance of Skimming Flow in Stepped Channels 1999
Characteristics of Flow Conditions on Stepped Channels 1997
Discussions 1996
Non-Breaking Undular Hydraulic Jump 1996
Characteristics of Undular Jumps in Rectangular Channels 1995
Drag on vertical sill of forced jump 1991
Transition from supercritical to subcritical flow at an abrupt drop 1991
B-Jump In Sloping Channel 1990
Hydraulic Jump In Triangular Channel 1989
Hydraulic Jumps At Positive And Negative Steps 1987

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