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Characteristics of Flow and Bedform in a River Reach with Cobble BAR Vegetation and Its Refugia

Author(s): Kayo Asami; Akihiko Nakayama; Takeshi Kawatani; Ichiro Fujita

Linked Author(s): Akihiko Nakayama, Ichiro FUJITA

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Abstract: In order to understand and help conserve cobble bar vegetation, river flow and bed form characteristics of a river reach, where sparse perennial communities are developed, have been studied by the field survey and by numerical simulation. The surveys were conducted over ten years at regular intervals and the simulations were performed from low flows to medium and large floods. The distinct characteristics of the bed form and the associated flow characteristics are found at the studied site. These morphological characteristics are associated with the bed forms of bars and the conservation of cobble bar vegetation thought to require the continuous existence of bars with typical bed forms.


Year: 2018

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