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Proceedings of the 11th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Banff 1992)

This collection accommodates the articles of the Proceedings of the 11th IAHR International Symposium on Ice, which was held in Banff, Canada during June 15-19, 1992.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Committee on Ice Research and Engineering for helping with the preparation of the data and files that were used to build this collection.

ID Title Authors Year
27911 Frazil and Skim Ice Formation in Rivers
Vaclav Matousek
27912 Global Warming: A Polar Approach
Peter Wadhams
27913 Engineering Design Choices for Great Lakes Small Craft Harbors Using a Winter Conditions Classification System
C. Allen Wortley
27914 On a Constitutive Law for Polycrystalline Ice Based on the Concept of Internal Variables
Jorg Pohe; Otto T. Bruhns
27915 Hans Island Experiments in a Laboratory
G. W. Timco
27916 Field Test of a Surface-Heated Trash Rack to Prevent Frazil Ice Blockage
Stephen F. Daly; F. Donald Haynes; Donald E. Garfield; Charles H. Clark
27917 Triaxial Strength Tests on Laboratory Grown Saline Ice Under Low Confining Pressure
Kazuyuki Kato; Hiroharu Kishimoto; Shigeo Mita
27918 Experimental Investigations of River Ice Cover Cracking
A. K. Abdel-Zaher; K. S. Dava; L. Dawe; S. Beltaos
27919 Floating Ice as a Problem to Hydropower Intakes
Torkild Carstens; Klemet Godtland; Einar Tesaker
27920 Development of a New Test Apparatus to Determine Scraping Loads for Ice Removal from Pavements
Wilfrid A. Nixon; Cheng-Hua Chung

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