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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama)

ID Title Authors Year
3334 Ensuring Sustainable Water Resources Management Through the Development of Monitoring Networks, Data Bases Integration and State-of-the-Art Decision Support Systems
Juan Peralta Malvar, Maria Jose Hernandez Torrejon, Manuel Moron Humaran
3335 Simulating Jinping-I Reservoir Operation Using the Support Vector Regression and the Long and Short Term Memory Algorithm
Junqiang Lin
3336 Study on Joint Flood Control Operation of Cascade Reservoirs in the Lower Reaches of Jinsha River and the Three Gorges Reservoir
Qiang Zou, Jun Lu, Guanghui Rao, Mingxing Meng
3337 Spatial Equilibrium Analysis of Water Supply in China
Zhaohui Yang, Jinjun You, Weiwei SHAO, Jinjun You, Ding Liu
3338 Integration of High Resolution Models in Real Time Decision Support System, Application of Aquavar Dss
Qiang MA
3339 Comparison of Calculation Methods for Head Losses in Multiport Diffuser Outfall Design
Tobias Bleninger, Frank Opila, Robert Doneker, Adithya S. Ramachandran
3340 Three-Dimensional CFD Modelling of Mixing and Dispersion from Marine Outfall Discharges
Claudia Castro-Faccetti
3341 Mixing Characteristics of Inclined Dense Jets with Different Nozzle Geometries – an Experimental Study
Mingtao Jiang, Wing Keung Law
3342 Design of Seawater Desalination Brine Diffusers
Philip Roberts, Justin Taplin, Eric Zigas
3343 Numerical Simulation of Vertical Buoyant Jets Discharged from Multiport Diffusers and the Influences of Port Spacing on the Mixing Processes
Majid Mohammadian

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