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Proceedings of the 38th IAHR World Congress (Panama)

ID Title Authors Year
3234 Evaluación De La Aplicación De Metodología De Descolmatación Udep Al Reservorio Poechos Durante El Fenómeno El Niño Costero 2017
Jorge Reyes, Marina Farias Zegada, Ismael Sánchez, Kiara Tesén
3235 Ecological Response to Integrated Water and Sediment Regulation on Riparian Corridors in the Lower Yellow River
Ang Chen, Sainan Wu, Wu Miao, Xin SUI, Jingya Wen, Wanlin Jia, Chunna Liu
3236 Evaluation of the Optimum Flooding Control and Water Use Scenario for Agricultural Development Along Senegal River, Mauritania
Yuki Maruyama, Takashi Nakamura, Kiyokazu Ujiie, Cherif Ould Ahmed, Bouya Ahmed Ould Ahmed, Mitsuteru Irie
3237 Evidence of Non-Contiguous Flood Driven Coarse Sediment Transfer and Implications for Sediment Management
George Heritage, Neil S. Entwistle, David Milan
3238 Evaluation of the Slope-Area Method for Continuous Streamflow Monitoring
Marian Muste, Danielle Thomas, Ciprian Bacotiu
3239 Incorporating Sediment Management in Short-Term Hydro Scheduling
Jiehong Kong, Hans Ivar Skjelbred
3240 Sediment (Dis)Balance – a Significant River Management Issue
Helmut Habersack, marlene haimann, Philipp Gmeiner, Sandor Baranya, Katarína Holubová, Florin Vartolomei
3241 Impacts of Land Use in Coastal Wetland Dynamics. A Case of Study: Eten’s Wetland, Peru
Tania Victoria Rojas Carbajal, Jorge D. Abad
3242 Impact of Transition Flow Regime on Contaminants Propagation in Pressurised Pipes
Gabriele Freni
3243 Characterizations of the Breakthrough Curve to Identify Pollution Sources with Storage Zone Effect in Natural Streams
Si Yoon Kwon, Il Won Seo, Hyoseob Noh

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