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Proceedings of the 30th IAHR World Congress (Thessaloniki, 2003)

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25243 Floating Breakwaters Interaction with Waves-a Large-Scale Experimental Study
E. V. Koutandos; P. E. Prinos; X. Gironella
25244 Theoretical Estimation of Wave Runup on a Breakwater
D. Violeau
25245 Wave Reflection from Vertical Permeable Structures
V. Karambas Th; I. Avgeris; P. Prinos
25246 Wave Attenuation by Chambered Breakwaters
R. Balaji; V. Sundar
25247 Impulse Waves: Effects of Slide Density
A. Zweifel; W. H. Hager; H. E. Minor
25248 Change of Wave-Driven Current Fields in Youngil Bay, Korea
H. Kim
25249 Convective and Mixing Processes in Coastal Waters: A Case Study for the Gulf of Trieste (ITALY)
D. Russo; S. Querin; R. Purini; V. Fiorotto
25250 Monitoring the Variation of Sediment Plume Properties in Western Harbour, Hong Kong
O. W. H. Wai; H. S. Lee; A. W. T. Lee; H. Y. Yeung
25251 Sensitivity Analysis for the Meldorf Bight Hydrodynamic Model
C. A. T. Palacio; R. Mayerle; M. B. Toro
25252 Water System Modeling and Flood Flow Analysis for Pearl River Delta
J. Peng; S. He; W. Liao; X. Yu; J. Li

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