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Proceedings of the 27th IAHR World Congress (San Francisco, 1997)

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25885 Sand-Box Experiments of Seepage into an Auger Hole in a Confined Aquifer
Ferdinand Kastanek; Willibald Loiskandl; Gerhard Kammerer
25886 Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam: Parameter Identification by the Bayesian Method
Honjo Yusuke; Sato Kuniaki; Nguyen Van Hoang
25887 Flow and Solute Transport in Laboratory Fracturematrix Systems
Torben O. Sonnenborg; Charlotte Tofteng; K. Hogh Jensen; Michael B. Butts
25888 Is the Cubic Law Generally Valid in Single Fractures? Numerical Investigations Concerning Flow Phenomena Using a Single-Step Model
H. Bodarwe; M. Spiller; J. Kongeter
25889 Effects of Intrinsic Permeability, System Flux, and Initial Saturation on Wetting Front Instabilities in Threedimensional Infiltration Systems
Tullis; P. Blake; Steven J. Wright Ensr
25890 Transport Analysis for Liners Underlain by Fractured Clays of the Valley of Mexico
X. Li; L. V. Trueba; B. R. Flores
25891 Evaluation of Aquifer Parameters by Means of Field Tests and Using Different Conceptual Models
C. Masciopinto; A. Di Fazio; M. Benedini; S. Troisi
25892 Hydraulic Resistance Exerted on Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Droplets Moving Through Saturated Porous Media
Vu Dinh Hung; Kuniaki Sato; Satoshi Imamura
25893 Solute Dispersion and Migration in Unsaturated Porous Media Under Different Hydraulic and Atmospheric Conditions
Kuniaki Sato; Teruyuki Fukuhara
25894 Groundwater Behaviour in Tidal Beaches
R. E. Volker; B. Ataieashtiani; D. A. Lockington

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