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Proceedings of the 27th IAHR World Congress (San Francisco, 1997)

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25855 Managing Salt Load in Irrigation District Drainage Water
J. E. Ayars; R. W. Soppe; D. Cone; D. Wichelns
25856 Description of an Experimental Study on Water and Salt Transport Within Irrigation Bays
Mat Gilfedder; Luke Connell
25857 Winery Wastewater Treatment Efficiency as It Depends on Depth and Distance in a Subsurface Flow Wetland
M. E. Grismer; H. L. Shepherd; A. P. Stubblefield
25858 Long-Range Transport of Contaminants in an Aquifer-Stream System
Maged Hussein; Franklin Schwartz
25859 Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Nitrate Transport in Ando Soils
Satoru Sugio
25860 Capillary Barrier System to Prevent Contaminant Releases from Landfills
Markus Kampf; Hector Montenegro
25861 Conjunctive and Exclusive Use of Shallow Groundwater for Irrigation
C. K. Mccormick; J. C. Guitjens
25862 Development of Environmental Quality Modeling and Simulation Systems for the U.S. Department of Defense
Jeffery P. Holland
25863 A Conceptual Model Approach to Modeling Groundwater with GMS
D. R. Richards; N. L. Jones
25864 Eigenvalue Simulation of Aquifers and River Interaction for Conjunctive Use
A. Sahuquillo; J. Andreu

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