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Proceedings of the 27th IAHR World Congress (San Francisco, 1997)

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25865 On the Use of High-Performance Simulation in the Management of Groundwater Resources in Large Aquifer Systems
Andrew F. B. Tom Pson; Nina D. Rosenberg; W. Illiam J. Bosl; Robert D. Falgout; Steven G. Smith; Dana E. Shumaker; Steven F. Ashby
25866 Utilizing Disparate Types of Data at a Complex Site to Reduce Uncertainty Associated with Estimated Parameters
Eileen P. Poeter; William W. Wingle; Earl V. Edris
25867 Numerical Solution of Water Flow in the Unsaturated Zone Using a Dynamic Programming Method
Mehdi Mirabzadeh; Kourosh Mohammadi; Rene Kahawita
25868 Numerical Study on Effects of Leakage from Phreatic Aquifer on Flow in Confined Aquifer
Takeshi Kawatani; Masahiko Saito; Jiro Tsuchiyama
25869 Optimization Modeling for Water Resource Allocation in Volusia County, Florida
C. Demas; K. Hatfield; D. Hearn; P. Burger; D. Munch
25870 The Adaptive Hydrology (ADH) Model: A Flow and Transport Model for Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Analyses
Joseph H. Schmidt; Lisa C. Roig
25871 Water and Solute Movement and Simulation in Soil Medium Models
A. M. Zeiliguer
25872 A Procedure for Modeling Groundwater Impacts of Dredged Material Facilities
C. A. Talbot; D. R. Richards; C. J. Brown; G. T. Stephens; G. A. Anderson
25873 Modeling Ethanol Flushing for NAPL Removal
Christian J. Mcgrath; Wuseng Lung
25874 Simulating the Drainage and Nitrate Leaching with Opus Model
Carlos A. Bonilla; Jose F. Munoz

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