IAHR Gerhard Jirka Award for Young Researchers

Founding Statement

The award was introduced during the 5th IAHR Europe Congress in Trento in 2018 and was created in memory of Prof. Gerhard Jirka to award the best presentation given by a Young Professional during the biennial IAHR Europe Division Congress. It values the quality, originality and relevance of the presentation.

List of previous winners

6th Europe Congress, Varsaw, Poland, 2021

1st Winner
Sebastian Schwindt for "Modelling and Design Automation of Nature-based River Engineering"

2nd Winner
Melissa Latella for "An integrated methodology for the riparian vegetation modelling"

3rd Winner
Felix Beckers for "Variability in the Erosion Stability of Sediment Deposits in a Reservoir located on the Rhône River subject to Frequent Sediment Sluicing"

5th Europe Congress, Trento, Italy 2018

1st Winner
Christian Contarino for "A holistic multi-scale mathematical model cof the murine fluid systems: understanding the pathophysiology of idiopathic intracranial hypertension" by 'C. Contarino; E. F. Toro; A. Louveau; S. Da Mesquita; D. Raper; I. Smirnov;J. Kipnis; N. Agarwalcc

2nd Winner
Robert Dorrell for "Stratification and the dynamics of gravity currents" by R. Dorrell

3rd Winner
Rémi Carmigniani for "Wave pump: SPH modeling of waves above a submerged plate" by R. Carmigniani; D. Violeau

4th Winner
Emanuele Quaranta for "Investigation of the hydrodynamic effects of bed slope in vertical slot fishways 3D numerical simulations". by E. Quaranta; C. Katopodis; R. Revelli; C. Comoglio

The awards were given during the closing ceremony of the 5th Europe Congress in Trento, in June 2018 by the Chair of the Local Organising Commitee Prof. Aronne Armanini.
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