Willi H. Hager JHR Best Reviewer Award

Founding Statement

The Award was established by the IAHR Council in 2012 and is sponsored by Prof. Willi H. Hager. The Award is made biennially to up to three reviewers preferably under 45 years of age judged to provide most outstanding reviews of the papers submitted to the Journal of Hydraulic Research during the preceding two-year period. The Award recipients are selected by the JHR Editor, Associate Editors, and Prof. Willi H. Hager among the nominees made by the JHR Associate Editors. The award will consist of an award certificate and monetary prize of Euro 100 (or equivalent to the annual IAHR membership fee). The winners must be present at the Award Ceremony to be held during the biennial World Congress.

Prof Willi H. Hager
ETH Zurich

List of previous winners
 NameIn recognition of 
 Michael Pfister , Switzerland
Ling Zhou , China
 For outstanding reviews during the period 2017 - 2018 
Claudia Adduce, Italy
Koen Blanckaert, Hong Kong
Sk Zeeshan Ali, India
for outstanding reviews during the period 2015-2016 
Dr Jorge Abad, USA
Dr Robert Bialik, Poland
Dr Wernher Brevis, UK
 for outstanding reviews during the period 2012-2014
Dr Stuart Cameron, UK
Dr Oscar Castro-Orgaz, Spain
Dr Stefano Pagliara, Italy
for outstanding reviews during the period 2010-2012 
Prof Fabian Bombardelli, USA
Dr Benoît Spinewine, Belgium
Dr Michael Tritthart, Austria
 for outstanding reviews during the period 2010-2011
Prof Dr Cristiana Di Cristo, Italy
Prof Dr Sandra Soares-Frazão, Belgium
Prof Dr Pedro Lee, New Zealand
for outstanding reviews during the period 2007-2009 

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