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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9452 Effect of Flip Buckets on Energy Dissipation-Case Study for Baihetan Project
Fei Ma; Jianhua Wu; Yu Wang
9453 Cavitation Damage with Considering Entrained Air Bubble Sizes
Kunpeng Su; Jianhua Wu; Yu Wang; Fei Ma
9454 Study of Flow Field in Vortex Settling Basins by Numerical Modeling
Neda Sheikh Rezazadeh Nikou; Ali Naghi Ziaei
9455 Numerical Simulation of Free-Surface Behind Two Side-by-Side Circular Cylinders
Li Dengsong; Dai Guangqing; Yang Qing; Fan Pengyuan; Chang Ziduo
9456 Effect of Polyacryamide Solutions on Cavitation Erosion
Yu Wang; Jianhua Wu; Kunpeng Su
9457 Numerical Analysis of Flow and Sediment Transport on the Traditional Water Management System in Ishiibi Water Diversion of Kase River, Japan
Koichiro Ohgushi; Hideo Oshikawa; Yosuke Tani; Masanao Kushibe
9458 Determination of Meteorological Factors for Heavy-Rainfall-Induced Mixing in a Subtropical, Small, Shallow Lake
Nobuaki Kimura; Akira Tai; Wen-Cheng Liu; Jeng-Wei Tsai; Chih-Yu Chiu
9459 Water Resources Modelling Study to Upatate Water Supply Master Plan for Western Province Metropolitan Area, Sri Lanka
R. W. C. N. Rajapaksha; S. M. C. K. Subasinghe; H. R. L. W. Halgahawatte; W. L. K. Weerasinghe; M. Manoranjan; K. D. W Nandalal; K. Raveenthiran; M. Cassim
9460 Multispecies Assessments of Effects of Habitat Fragmentations on Population Genetic Structures of Stream Invertebrates Using Nextgeneration Sequencing
Sakiko Yaegashi; Kozo Watanabe
9461 Effect of Operation Policy on Reservoir's Optimum Capacity
Mojtaba Shourian; Hossein Sheibani

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